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Party Cali Style with a Cake from Cold Stone Creamery

There’s no party like a West coast party with when you’re slicing into an ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery. You’ll be licking your fork clean once you taste the layers of sweet ice cream and moist cake. Each cake is covered with fluffy frosting or ganache. How can you go wrong?

Choose from such treats as our:

Signature Cakes,Themed Cakes,Petite Cakes,Ice Cream Cupcakes

Try a Signature Cake Today

Our Signature Cakes put us on the map. These delicious treats are full of the fresh and premium ingredients you’ve come to expect from Cold Stone Creamery. Each cake is full of our unique ice cream flavors, moist cake, and covered in sweet frosting and rich ganache.

Three of our most popular ones include:

Cake Batter Confetti™,Midnight Delight™,Cookies & Creamery™

Themed Cakes Will Have Your Child Cheering

Make your child’s birthday special with one of our Themed Cakes. They’re layered with yellow cake and creamy Cold Stone ice cream. Then we cover them with fluffy frosting and rainbow sprinkles. But what really makes them special are the themes. We can customize your child’s cake with anything from Sponge Bob®, Dora the Explorer®, or Spiderman®.

Petite Cakes are for Mom and Dad-heading is missing

You guys are always throwing the parties; why not relax with a private party for just the two of you? Our Petite Cakes have all the wonderful ingredients you love from Cold Stone’s Signature Cakes, yet they’re small enough for just the two of you. Try one today.

You’re Going to Say, “Mmmm” to Our Ice Cream Cupcakes!

There is always room for a cupcake – especially when that cupcake is filled with ice cream and moist cake. We place each cake in a chocolate cup and top it with twisting frosting.

You can get them in six packs, and pick from any one of the following:

  • Sweetest Cream: we nestle moist yellow cake, fudge and sweet ice cream inside a Belgian chocolate cup. Then we top it with a twisting crown of creamy, white frosting.
  • Cake Batter™ Deluxe: this cupcake is filled with red velvet cake and Cake Batter Ice Cream®. As if that wasn’t enough, we add pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
  • Double Chocolate Devotion™: Devil’s food cake, chocolate ice cream, and sweet frosting inside a Belgian Chocolate Cup.

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